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Tanker Chartering - Projects

Covering all major sectors of the shipbroking arena, Alibra offers creative and strategic solutions rather than the traditional, run of the mill structures. With a focus on the period market, Alibra is also very project minded and as such we are able to advise our clients with financial leasing. 

With global energy demand having undergone a significant change this year, many clients are choosing to trade in the period market rather than the more volatile spot market, in order to produce steady revenue and reduce the chances of loss during the market downturn. Even when there is an upturn in rates, the decision of whether to capitalise in the spot market or lock into a lower period rate is always a difficult one. In this regard, our company works with clients to understand and determine the best mix for their fleets. Period fixtures, even at today’s levels, may still provide the benefits of an ongoing, steady, and known stream of income. Alibra Shipping Limited not only offers private opportunities off the radar, but experienced and informed advice – something that has become all the more valuable in these challenging times.

Dry Chartering - Projects

The continued, unexpected volatility in freight rates in the dry bulk sector has drawn significant attention to this segment. The unpredictable nature of the markets in this current climate, accompanied by supply and demand inconsistencies, has encouraged many clients to enter in to period charter agreements in order to provide long-term steady hire. At the same time, optimism for improvement drives others to remain in the spot trade.

With up-to-the-minute market information from our specialist brokers and dry cargo intelligence from our research team Alibra offers an unparalleled service in the dry chartering arena. Our brokers possess a wealth of knowledge in this area ranging from advice on leasing structures to bespoke sale and purchase deals combining timecharter agreements and the in-depth knowledge needed to assist clients in deciding which trade is best suited to each particular vessel in the fleet, given that there are often various trading patterns and cargo restrictions to consider.

As shipping companies move towards greater transparency on Environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters, there is a growing need for green solutions within chartering projects. At Alibra, our brokers are able to advise clients and assist with cost-effective, carbon reduction strategies such as wind propulsion and alternative fuels.


Spot Chartering

A well-balanced portfolio of spot- and time-chartered vessels is ideal for capitalising upon dynamic market conditions. As our clientele tonnage list consists of both spot and time-chartered vessels, we are exceptionally well-placed to guide clients through the current market. Information in the marketplace is the key to taking advantage of any situation. Private and off-market information held by our brokers helps chartering managers to trade vessels effectively in the spot market. We are panel brokers for various oil majors and traders, giving us the ability to offer clients privately quoted cargoes. In addition, we work closely with renowned and prestigious ship owners. This means we are capable of supplying superior quality tonnage, providing an optimal combination of top cargoes and vessels.

Sale and Purchase

Sale and purchase activity is based upon the constant fluctuations in the new-building, second-hand, and scrap markets, all of which are driven by sentiment in the world economy and underlying more market specific factors. The recent turmoil and upheaval in the global financial world has undoubtedly had a direct and drastic effect on all aspects of the shipping industry. This is a period where caution, careful planning, and proper advice are more crucial than ever before. Alibra Shipping Limited works with traditional, solid owners and operators who focus primarily on a long-term outlook. By monitoring the sale and purchase market while concentrating on reliable tonnage, our company is well positioned to guide and assist clients in achieving their investment and divestment goals. By cover all the main markets we are able to create tailor made deal structures that combine sale and purchase with period deals and/or financial leasing structures.

We also offer transparent ship valuation service to Banks, Owners, Charterers, and financial institutions. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


Based on a rich database comprising of fixture, tonnage, and commodity flow information our research team regularly provides market outlook presentations and reports as well as bespoke statistical analysis. Our respected market-based opinion is frequently featured both in international media publications and in the trade press.

Working hand-in-hand with the broking departments, we carefully determine market dynamics and shifts in trends within the various sectors. Based on our findings, we provide clients with sound advice as to optimal investment opportunities and what’s more, we make a point to define the practical, commercial and empirical implications behind all our analysis.

Risk Management

Ensuring that risk is effectively managed, in an industry that has become characterised by rate volatility, seasonal fluctuations and cyclicality, has become a cornerstone of the maritime industry. At Alibra Shipping Limited, we understand the need for Shipowners and Charterers to mitigate risk and our team regularly assists clients in managing their commercial exposure by providing, amongst other things, time-charter valuations, cash flow statements and freight risk management.