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Scrubbers: A shipping executive’s view

This week we interview the shipping executive of an established tanker owner to discuss his views on the impending 2020 sulphur cap requirements and how they will impact vessel owners from an operational perspective.

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Will VLCCs lead the tanker market to recovery?

Recently the tanker market has shown some signs of improvement and through-out the industry there has been a sense of positivity in the last few weeks, in stark contrast to the the downward spiral that represented the first three quarters of 2018.

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Bulk carrier scrubber orders outpace tankers

Less than 15 months remain until the IMO 2020 sulphur cap regulations come in to force and with this date looming, ship owners who have yet to address the situation are being forced to make prompt decisions in order to comply and continue to trade come January 2020 and beyond.

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VLCCs, Place your bets!

In 2018 so far, some 17 VLCCs have been ordered, which has expanded the orderbook by 17.0% in terms of vessel numbers, according to Alibra data. Of these ships, all but two are to be built at South Korean yards. One has been ordered in China and another in Japan.

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Trade War and Iron Ore markets

The long term impact of Donald Trump’s steel import tariff of 25%, effective from March 2018, remains to be seen for the US domestic economy, however the potential for a wider trade war with China is shortly to come to a hilt.

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